Syrian Special Forces captured NATO officers in Aleppo

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… from  SouthFront

We have some confirmation on this from our own Syrian sources. The numbers are much higher than just the 14 names released by the Syrian MP via Facebook. That report of 14 officers might be a different group, as it had specific names. My report has only the numbers and nationalities…and the news that they were not really “captured” but were allowed out as part of a deal between all parties involved. You see the Moroccans are missing in these numbers.

No. of American officers is 22
British 16
French 21
Israeli 7
Turkish 62

The list of 14 names leaked by a Syrian MP are not the real names of those officers, they are cover names; it is standard practice to use a fake ID when serving in a secret op. This is a leak that MSM is ignoring, as they have about all stories of captured foreign officers in Syria. But then Syria has been quiet, also.

From what we can see so far, getting these foreign officers out was rolled into the ceasefire/evacuation deal to get the jihadis out in order to prevent further Syrian casualties and more damage; furthermore, Syria and Russia just wanted to get it over with. The Russians have already moved for a full and immediate ceasefire and the start of all-party political talks.

Russia is determined to get all the involved parties to the table and get those talks going, therefore they were not going to let the capture of some officers screw things up. We will see what the reaction is to getting the talks going. After that we will be watching closely to see if TOW and MANPAD missiles show up on the battlefield soon as part of a new terrorist offensive.

Editor’s Note: Well the doo doo has hit the fan if this is true. By that I mean we will be asking for confirmation from the Syrian Justice minister’s office. No one is carrying the story.

We were suspicious due to Kerry’s adamant stance that Aleppo had to have a ceasefire first to let aid in, and then the jihadis would be taken out. But that of course smelled of not only getting them resupplied, but also ex-filtrating some key personnel.

Sure, small groups could hide out in well-stocked and hidden underground hideaways for several weeks, to be gotten out later, but that still has a big element of risk to it. You can imagine the reward money that will be out on the street for these “stay behind” creatures.

It has already been reported that your usual market bombing suicide campaign is expected to be launched against free Aleppo to let everybody know “it ain’t over yet”. We could have still a rocky road ahead to ever getting back to normal times, where Aleppo could return to the thriving commercial and tourist city that it wasJim W. Dean ]


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